About Wonderlust Creations

Hi there! My name is Samantha, and I'm a multi-racial American who loves creating art. I enjoy making jewelry, sewing, and digital art. I started jewelry-making as a hobby when I was around 10 years old, and I used to go door to door in my neighborhood to sell my pieces. My father, who is of mixed Native American heritage, used to practice indigenous-style beading, and he would take me to New England pow-wows where we could admire beads and jewelry together. Since I was very young, my father's craftwork has inspired me to create my own pieces of art.

I appreciate the intimate quality of natural materials such as freshwater pearls, crystals, and other gemstones. I draw inspiration from my connection to the natural world and handcraft jewelry with the intention of inviting the energies of the earth into our lives. By expressing a simplistic beauty and connecting to the earth through my work, I enjoy the process of personally selecting as many of my materials as possible to ensure each piece has the same quality.

I am a newly married woman and a proud mother, living with my family in southern New Hampshire. With the help of my husband and children, I aspire to turn my hobby into a successful venture, so that we can build the home and life we have always dreamed of, closer to nature.