About Wonderlust Creations

Hello, I'm Samantha a multi racial-American who loves all styles of art, mainly in the form of Jewelry making, sewing and digital art. When i was around 10 years old I started making jewelry as a hobby, going door to door in my neighborhood selling my pieces. My father, a mixed Native American, practiced indigenous style beading and would take me to New England pow wows where we would look at beads and jewelry together. From a very young age by my father's craftwork had inspired me to create. 

The intimate quality of natural materials such as freshwater pearls, crystals and other gemstones is what I appreciate the most. Using my connection to the natural world as inspiration, my jewelry is handcrafted with the intention of inviting the energies of the earth into our lives. Through expressing a simplistic beauty, and connection to the earth through my work,  I enjoy the process of personally selecting as much of my materials as I can to be sure each piece has the same quality as the next. 

I am newly married and a proud mother, residing with my family in southern New Hampshire. With the support of my husband and children I have hopes to grow my hobby into something larger so we can continue to build the home and life we dream of having, closer to the natural world.